Mr. Ali Khan

General Manager Project Management

Mr. Ali Khan is a high-impact achiever with incredible record of accomplishments charted over 15 years, including the last 8 years in the Programme, Project, Construction Management in the United Kingdom, Middle East and Pakistan. He has served in management positions with ‘top class’ National & International PMCs, Professional Services consultancies & development agencies in developing countries. He is a qualified Engineer and a Project Manager. He completed his Master’s in Project Management from University of Reading and Bachelors in Civil Engineering.


Infrastructure Development Authority of the Punjab (IDAP) is an autonomous body established under the Infrastructure Development Authority of the Punjab Act 2016, for planning, designing, construction and maintenance of infrastructure in the province, in line with the best international practices, to cope with futuristic development needs. IDAP is a specialized organization free of encumbrances prevalent in public sector departments ... [Read More]