Infrastructure Development
Authority Punjab
Urban Planning
IDAP is planning huge investments so as to generate a much larger and stronger economic momentum. The assumed availability of power at competitive tariffs can help in positioning Punjab as a competitive destination for industries while providing a good quality of life for its citizens. This will lead the revival and development of rural industries and build economies there by reducing migration of citizens from rural to urban areas for employment.
IDAP perceives planning as a vital part of the built landscape, a process that begins with the development of a hierarchical organization of spatial relationships between buildings and the surroundings. Our goals are to enhance the character of where we live, learn, work, socialize, relax, shop, vacation, congregate, dine and play.

IDAP aims to impart a distinct sense of community and place, while establishing a framework for current and future decisions. We aim to create designs that are functional, efficient, site-specific, sustainable and environmental friendly.

IDAP has considerable expertise in Urban and Town planning. We have the skills to design so as to make the most efficient use of available space. IDAP uses creativity and imagination balanced by real world practicality and solid analytical reasoning which are important for urban development.