Infrastructure Development
Authority Punjab
Landscape Design
IDAP is planning huge investments so as to generate a much larger and stronger economic momentum. The assumed availability of power at competitive tariffs can help in positioning Punjab as a competitive destination for industries while providing a good quality of life for its citizens. This will lead the revival and development of rural industries and build economies there by reducing migration of citizens from rural to urban areas for employment.
IDAP carries out all aspects of landscaping, streetscape enhancements, corporate developments, residential communities, parks and open space planning to a very high standard. We place emphasis on placing greenery around the building to add natural beauty to the created building marvel. We believe in making the natural surrounding a part of the built envelope.

Our landscape architecture section works with clients to shape their visions of a project site keeping the responsibility in mind that we all have to design for a greener future. A properly landscaped building not only cleanses its surroundings but also the building itself by making the air quality better for the inhabitants.