Infrastructure Development
Authority Punjab
Engineering Design
IDAP is planning huge investments so as to generate a much larger and stronger economic momentum. The assumed availability of power at competitive tariffs can help in positioning Punjab as a competitive destination for industries while providing a good quality of life for its citizens. This will lead the revival and development of rural industries and build economies there by reducing migration of citizens from rural to urban areas for employment.
IDAP is committed to support regional and national governments in providing a comprehensive range of services, including optimizing the available resources towards sound infrastructure investment decisions, positioning assets to meet long term service delivery and accommodating long term growth. For this purpose, IDAP has a pool of experts, who are well versed with diverse global requirements and emerging trends of infrastructure development.

IDAP’s, one-stop approach for meeting service delivery challenges extends beyond engineering solutions and includes in-depth expertise on a range of operational, institutional and environmental aspects of infrastructure delivery, provide research and advice to all levels of government, as well as investors and owners of infrastructure, on the projects and reforms that are needed for bridging the gaps.

Current expertise of the in-house team enables IDAP to undertake the following tasks/designs:

-- Bulk Water Supply and Outfall Sewers
-- Environmental Monitoring & Management
-- Geotechnical Engineering
-- Highways and Transportation Structures
-- Integrated Project Planning
-- MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)
-- Residential, Commercial and Industrial Structures
-- Water and Wastewater Treatment