Infrastructure Development
Authority Punjab
Public transport
Punjab is the most prosperous STATE of Pakistan and experiencing rapid growth in human population and vehicular population. The purpose of IDAP is to develop seamless, efficient and high speed integrated transport.
As of 2011, 60 percent of total trips in Lahore and 50 percent of total trips in Karachi are made by non-motorized transport. 9,632,000 trips are made in Lahore daily thus showing the importance and need of public transport and related infrastructure in Pakistan. Metro Bus System Lahore and Rawalpindi is a major public transport infrastructure that caters to the needs of thousands of commuters every day. Lahore Metro is carrying more than 150,000 passengers every day whereas Islamabad-Rawalpindi Metro Bus is catering to the needs of 135,000 passengers a day. Besides these, rickshaws, wagons, taxis and transport buses are commonly used for inter-city and intra city transport.

Pakistan Railways is another source of transportation in Pakistan that has a mass scale traffic movement both for passenger and freight. The network of Pakistan Railways comprises of 7,791 route kilometers, 452 Locomotives, 1,732 passengers’ coaches and 15,948 freight wagons. In line with the government’s vision 2025, for infrastructure development during the next ten years, Pakistan Railways is to undertake necessary steps to increase its share in the overall transport sector of Pakistan from 4 percent to 20 percent.