Infrastructure Development
Authority Punjab
The challenge of sustainable water use is particularly daunting for fast-developing states like Punjab grappling with increasing population and industrial activity, drought prone regions and the need to enhance standards of living and economic growth.With increasing population and economic growth, water demand is likely to pick up considerably in the future. IDAP has made serious efforts in all the important areas of water sector.
In a country like Pakistan, where rainfall occurs for a specific interval of time throughout the year, it becomes very important to effectively store the water so that it can be used later on for irrigation purpose. A proper irrigation system acts as a factor of prime importance in development of country and in order to prevent it from droughts and famines. The agriculture of Pakistan depends significantly on its irrigation system and Pakistan has one of the largest contiguous irrigation system in the world with 110 MAF. Agriculture sector accounts for 20.9 percent of Pakistan’s GDP 2014-15 and 43.5 percent of employment. Irrigation infrastructure includes Barrages, Headworks, Inter-link Canals and water courses.

Pakistan’s total irrigation area is 36 million acres having 3 major Reservoirs, 16 barrages, 2 headworks, 12 inter-link canals, 44 canal systems with total canal length of 56,073 km, 107000 water courses with a length of 1.6 million km and more than 550,000 tube wells. IDAP aims to provide its services in irrigation sector in such a way that it continues to serve the country in an efficient and smooth way.