Infrastructure Development
Authority Punjab
The Punjab inherited 4305 kms of metalled roads at the time of independence in 1947. The pace of of progress remained comparatively slow uptill 1980, an average annual increase in road network was about 5%. When the Form to Market program was launched, the road kilometerage registered an increase of about 13% annually. Keeping in view the changing economic condition IDAP is focussing on improving the highways and roads networks.
High road density of any country is imperative for good connectivity between cities and localities, ensuring seamless flow between goods/services and their clients. Pakistan has an impressive 263,775 km network of roads and highways. The national highways of the nation are 12,131 kms in length and carry the bulk of the national trade traffic. In addition to the national freight, Pakistan will now be host to a large volume of International freight traffic which will move through the length of the country as part of CPEC.  The road network of Pakistan has perhaps to play the biggest role in the economic growth of the country in the coming years. IDAP will be a cornerstone in the realization and achievement of this goal.