Infrastructure Development
Authority Punjab
IDAP is planning huge investments so as to generate a much larger and stronger economic momentum. The assumed availability of power at competitive tariffs can help in positioning Punjab as a competitive destination for industries while providing a good quality of life for its citizens. This will lead the revival and development of rural industries and build economies there by reducing migration of citizens from rural to urban areas for employment.
The Country’s energy demand has grown at an annual consumption growth rate of 4.8% in the past five years. God has gifted this land with remarkable energy resources like coal, water, wind, waves, solar, animal waste and nuclear, which need to be harnessed through an institutionalized strategy for optimum utilization. Therefore, the need exists for a high and sustained growth in energy supply and infrastructure capacity of 7 - 8% per annum to support the steady growth in the Country’s GDP.

Pakistan has embarked upon an ambitious plan to invest a whopping $76 billion over the next six years to address energy supply bottlenecks and build quality infrastructure. Government’s recent developments are assertive to overcome the menace of energy demand by setting out an action plan through effective policies, for optimum usage of resources and sound planning & design for energy efficiency and conservation as well as its proactive implementation to utilize the available resources astutely and wisely.

Over the recent years, numerous mega construction projects across the country’s major cities such as retail shopping facilities, cooperate offices, hotels, Software technology parks, Health care center etc. have been designed & built on international standards & codes with rigorous quality controls. Instead of the conventional ways, state of the art methods, procedures and technologies are being adopted during planning, design and construction phases of recent infrastructure projects. Energy efficient & conserving and cost effectiveness together with safety and modern design practices is the key criteria being followed.