Infrastructure Development
Authority Punjab
Revamping of 25 DHQ Hospitals and 100 THQ Hospitals
Revamping of existing 125 hospitals
Estimated Covered Area
656,984 sq ft
Project Brief
The Government of Punjab is making strenuous efforts for a better and effective health care system. The defining step in this direction was to recognize the importance of health care at primary & secondary levels, and creating a separate department for it. The basic mandate of this department is to focus on preventive health care in primary sector along with basic diagnostics and treatment facilities at secondary levels. The context is to primarily lessen the load on tertiary care health facilities.

The major challenge for primary & secondary health department is to boost the confidence of general public in the primary health care system. The reality is that most of the institutions at secondary level are not currently providing health care services up to the desired level, owing to multiple factors including large patient influx, scarcity of resources, human resource deficiency and non-functional equipment.

Due to lack of planning and monitoring, the past efforts did not conclude in the shape of an integrated healthcare regime; rather these have resulted in haphazard construction, poor maintenance, lack of basic facilities, absence of waiting areas and a shabby outlook. Resultantly the patients prefer to visit tertiary level hospitals for treatment of even very common ailments.

With this in view, the department under the guidance of CM Punjab has decided to launch massive revamping of 40 THQ & DHQ Hospitals in the current financial year.
Project Benefits
It will provide state of the art facilities to the inhabitants, which will not only improve the level of patient care but will also cater to the needs of the inhabitants.