Establishment of Warehouse for Biomedical Equipment

About the Project

The main objective of the project is to establish a warehouse for the storage of biomedical equipment and other goods in Lahore. In general, the objectives of establishing warehouse are:

  • To enhance and improve the storage capacity of the Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department (P&SHD) for procured goods for the smooth working of the Primary & Secondary Healthcare System in Punjab
  • To reduce inefficiencies in maintaining the supply chain of goods essentially required in Primary & Secondary Healthcare facilities in Punjab
  • To improve and strengthen warehousing capacity, enabling the P&SHD to develop robust annual procurement, supply chain and distribution plans. A plan that is designed well is likely to be implemented smoothly and will help achieve healthcare goals efficiently

Project Benefits

  • To enhance and strengthen the warehousing capacity of the Primary & Secondary Health Care Department (P&SHD) for the storage of good procured
  • To enable P&SHD to maintain an uninterrupted supply chain of essential goods to achieve universal health coverage in the Punjab


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