Energy Resource Center (ERC)

About the Project

An Energy Resource Center will be constructed in Lahore. This building will be energy efficient, using local regenerative energy sources such as solar energy, to create a close to zero-emission building. Local building materials and styles will be used to focus on sustainability and energy efficiency in order to reduce investment costs and to make the energy efficient building concept easily replicable for future private sector building projects.

This Center will be used as an office building for the Energy Department, Government of Punjab and its affiliate departments currently located all over the city. The building will also provide an educational space for disseminating information on the concept of energy efficiency & conservation (EE&C). There will also be an exhibition room to display renewable energy technologies as well as auditoriums for seminars on EE&C and other related topics such as energy audits, ESCO market creation and standards and labelling of appliances, among others. 

Project Benefits

The Energy Resource Center will provide a number of economic, environmental and social benefits. First and foremost, it will help mainstream renewable energy (RE) and help reduce the country’s dependence on any single source, especially imported fossil fuels. This will reduce risks in the areas of supply disruptions and price fluctuation. RE options can supplement national energy supply options in the country, improve productivity and provide employment and business opportunities. Social benefits of the project include provision of a technologically advanced working environment, energy conservation, following of green economic practices and long term cost efficiency. Environmental benefits such as reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide emissions through installation of clean energy systems would also be achieved. 


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