Infrastructure Development
Authority Punjab
CEO's Message
While being dedicated to the idea of our local and international clients' and the nation's well-being, Infrastructure Development Authority of Punjab (IDAP) is devoted to transform vision into reality. IDAP is the platform that observes the best practices of businesses among private and corporate infrastructure sector. The Authority is dealing with a number of public sector mega projects and thus we are devoted to cater to the needs of our clients and the government departments. IDAP is known for its outstanding global services, its projects with numerous international and local consultants and for changing the conventional construction / design paradigm in public sector. IDAP signs on contracts with international and local consultants of high stature and repute. These plans are executed according to the international standards and the finished product is handed over to the government authorities.

Here at IDAP, all our businesses have deep roots to the solidarity of the core values and characteristics. Our ideology is to develop mega infrastructures within the appropriate timelines while keeping in view the aesthetic and architectural outlays. It is a singular Authority with the sole purpose of adding value to the projects while portraying the highest level of commitment and integrity. IDAP is proud to operate on the passionate devotion of many people who are committed to contribute to the industry. Our work is not just an ambitious aspiration but an essence of who we are. It is the dignity we carry. IDAP is determined to serve efficiently to maintain the operating principles of the businesses. The common goal is to strive to achieve the ultimate quality to ensure safety, efficiency and sustainable momentum for the development of architecture and infrastructure industry.
- Mujahid Sherdil